Frequently Asked Questions

The HUD is released on the 27th of every month.

The HUD will be sent out in our free update group, for sale for 0L on marketplace, as well as in the main store/update groups of some of our participating brands.

No! The HUD is FREE. If anyone is trying to sell you a HUD, do not pay them.

When you attach the HUD, you can either search for your favorite designer by clicking the search box, or scroll through the pages with the forward or back button. When you click a Catwa, Lelutka, or Fatpack button, you are asked for debit permissions and given the option to purchase the item. Once purchased if you accidentally click the purchase button again, it will just redeliver the product to you. Click the vendor image to purchase the Fatpack of an item. There are also demo and gift buttons available on the HUD.

Contact Us

If you still have any more questions, please contact Max (bodytothestars) or Skye (Skye Everidge) in world.